Backbone Bluegrass Festival proud to host the Waring Family

Festival Favorites, “The Waring Family, ” will make four appearances on the Backbone Bluegrass Festival Stage.

Full Schedule

The following is a reprinted post generously provided by Harry Nolda, Press Journal, Strawberry Point, IA

Bluegrass Notes 2010:  The Waring Family Band has performed almost every summer for the Backbone Festival. Although they were booked at other events and festivals due to their popularity, with some adjustments they will once again bless the grounds of the Backbone Bluegrass with their music on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24, 2010.
In July, 1995, the newly formed band, The Waring Family, was jamming in the Backbone campground and a member of the board heard them and asked if they would be a guest band that night…that was the start of their relationship with the Backbone Association. They quickly became friends with the members of the association, and to this day, look forward to seeing them each year in July. 
The band is not officially “back on the road,” but since they disbanded in August of 2006 they have been playing in Jesup once a year since 2007. They miss the fans and family closeness they had when traveling and thought it would be nice if they could play one more time at Backbone, just for old times sake. They were honored and excited to be accepted as a band for the 2010 Festival. Their practice time is very limited and hope that they can live up to their reputation in the performance at Backbone.
In the Waring Family career, Susan (Waring) Durham won Female Vocalist, Traditional, of the Year for the Midwest 3 times, and Jesse Durham won Mandolin player 2 times. The band had the honor of playing twice at the Iowa State House in Des Moines, the Iowa State Fair, and Iowa Public Television, which still is being broadcast.

An update on where they are now:

Jesse, Susan and family moved to Indiana. Jesse has recently been working for area schools as a sub-custodian, and Susan is customer service at Collective Brands for Saucony, a brand of running shoes. Their children are Amy 16, Lauren 8, and Ryan 4. Jesse and Susan, along with Jesse’s sister, Dad and a couple other members play Bluegrass Gospel as the Durham Family on occasion. You may see Ryan wonder on stage now and then with his fiddle as he has no fear of “performing.”
Gene Waring is living on his homestead in the country south of Jesup. He keeps busy with his garden, doing odds and ends for widows in Jesup, and taking day trips on his old John Deere. Gene does some picking here and there with friends to keep his fingers in shape. Sheri, his wife, is living at the Lutheran Home in Cedar Falls and doing well.
Mike and his wife Chris reside in Jesup. Since they are not on the road with the band, Mike has put a lot more miles on his Harley. He is employed in Waterloo at Industrial Standard Tooling. Chris is self-employed as a Massage Therapist and is a part-time secretary for their church.


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