A Glam Return to Eastern Iowa

Celebrated tribute band, Hairball to return to the Delaware County Fairgrounds in May 2012!

The Delaware County Fair Society just announced the return of the regionally acclaimed tribute band, Hairball. Sunday, May 27, 2012, Hairball will be back in Manchester to kick off the summer Memorial Day weekend. Paying tribute to the glam “hair” bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s rock and roll, Hairball entertained this past May with music and a dramatic visual show that rocked the fairgrounds.

Delaware County Fairgrounds Manager Jeannie Domeyer said, “Hairball rocked the fairgrounds with the best rock and roll you’ve ever seen all in one place. This band is amazing covering bands such as Bon Jovi, Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, Poison, Guns N Roses and even a little Prince. They cover so many bands that they can’t cover them all in one show, I expect that this years’ show will be a change up from last May!”

Save The Date: The event which will kick off at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 27th with an opening band will be a full night of entertainment, atmosphere and awesome music. Manager Domeyer said, “We’re letting the public know now that we’ve rebooked this act so they can plan accordingly. I’ve had so many people tell me they couldn’t come because of other plans, if we spread the word now, people can save the date.” To see more information on hairball, please visit www.hairballonline.com.

More information on this concert will be available in the spring.


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