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The Irish Shanti offers Chicken and a Barbershop Quartet

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

From the Irish Shanti: Come listen to
The Barbershop Quartet, Beyond Logic,  Tonight, Thursday, 17 November 2011 at 7PM.
Come early if you want our famous home-fried CHICKEN dinner.

Irish Shanti is the next half price heyday

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Get ready to buy 1/2 price heyday gift certificates!

Our next 1/2 price heyday will feature The Irish Shanti, home of the Gunderburger in Gunder.

This locally owned and operated pub is well known for the whoppingly huge, incredibly huge, award-winning Gunderburger. The rest of their menu is also not too shabby  :)   The Irish Shanti has a great remodeled full bar, with an excellent draft beer selection.  People not only drive for miles for their famous burgers but the Irish Shanti is unusually packed Tuesdays for their BBQ Ribs, Thursdays for Baked Chicken, Fridays for the Shanti’s Fried Fish and now on Saturday mornings for Homemade Breakfast from 6 am – 10 am.

So get in line on next Tuesday, December 14th at noon for 1/2 price heyday featuring
The Irish Shanti

Next Tuesday, December 14th at noon, while supplies last, will have available for purchase $25 Irish Shanti gift certificates for the price of $12.50 . The 1/2 price gift certificates will only be available on the home page.  The Shanti 1/2 price gift certificates will expire on  January 17th, 2011. Click here for 1/2 price heyday details & contest explanation.

Irish Shanti in Gunder Halloween Party with a famous songwriter

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Cormac McCarty

Irish Shanti Halloween Party

When: Sat Oct 30,2010 8pm – 11pm

Featuring Singer Songwriter Cormac McCarthy

” A distinctive songwriter with a warm, powerful, inherently melodic baritone, a fine guitarist and a devastating wit … enormous writing gifts, capable of putting chills into your spine or a silly grin on your face…” – Jeff McLaughlin, The Boston Globe

Facebook Event Page

Eating out Tip for Tomorrow

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Irish Shanti, Gunder, IA

This in via the Irish Shanti’s Facebook page

“Tomorrow is the 17th!!! Half way to St Patrick’s Day! Get half off an Irish Philly if you tell me staff what day it is. And if you come by for a BTS Reuben and you tell me why St Patrick has Shamrock handy I’ll build yee a free Guinness. Be Well, Kevin” — Kevin Wash, Owner of the Irish Shanti

The Irish Shanti owner is running for office

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Owner of the Irish Shanti, Kevin Walsh is running for County Supervisor.  Here is an invitation to his next fundraiser:

Sunday, September 19 at 6:30pm
Location: The Irish Shanti, Gunder, Iowa

Thank You for all for your great support and advice. PLEASE accept my invitation to my September 19th Fund Raiser even if you have no funds to spare in these tough economic times. YOUR PRESENCE IS YOUR SUPPORT! Thanks and Be Well, Kevin

For Gunderburger lovers this is a no brainer!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The Irish Shanti started a VIP loyal customer club. For Gunderburger lovers this is a no brainer!

The Irish Shanti’s VIP Club rewards you for being a great customer! There’s nothing we value more than the support of our loyal customers and friends. To show our appreciation and welcome you into the The Irish Shanti’s VIP Club. We are rewarding our customers three ways.

• Monthly Raffle via your guest receipt
• Punch card for loyalty point for gifts
• Email only specials

Visit the Irish Shanti in Gunder soon for details.

Excuse our mess but come see our mess

Friday, December 18th, 2009

quote01These days, Hans and Kevin Walsh, the Irish Shanti father and son duo, are brimming with news.  First their Irish Shanti, home of the world famous Gunderburger, is under construction.   In addition to a new tile floor, they  have ripped out the old inconvenient cooler behind the bar and installed a new walkin cooler.  (more…)

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Saturday, November 14th, 2009

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The Irish Shanti not just the home of the world famous Gunderburger

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Since the late ‘70’s when Northeast Iowan’s want to enjoy the truly largest and most appetizing burger in area (if not the Midwest) they rely on one and only one place The Irish Shanti in Gunder, Iowa.

Gunder is a little town of 36, and in attempt to get Gunder its place in history the Gunderburger was created. Throughout the last three decades the one pound Gunderburger has done just that for the tiny berg. By merely mentioning you are “heading to Gunder” you have explained your plans to conquer the vicinities, tastiest, giant sandwich or at least dine in the confines of the home of the Gunderburger, where people come from all over the world to get their part of the 500 pounds of ground beef fixed in this restaurant each week.

In May of 2005, Kevin and Elsie Walsh of rural Elgin took over the operation of this famous locale. The two are registered nurses and are parents to four adult children. The couple has served long dedicated careers in the nursing profession. Kevin works with Heart of Iowa Hospice in West Union and Elsie currently works for Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon. At the same time the Walsh’s took over the Irish Shanti their oldest child Hans had recently moved back to Iowa from Arizona and agreed to takeover as a chef in the restaurant.

Hans, a 2001 graduate of Loras College brings to the business a wealth of chefing experience and is no stranger to the grill. The chef admits the menu at The Irish Shanti does not have a lot of room for creativity people don’t arrive for new and exciting creations instead come for Gunder traditions. Hans explains, “Our goal is to maintain and build [our customer base] while remembering this is a destination because of its tradition. The secret to our success is the thirty plus years of a consistent dependable menu containing large servings of specially seasoned, home cooked food.” His mom and owner, Elsie Walsh adds, “Every one eventually craves Gunder food.”

A Gunder area native Elsie answers the question, “Why would two nurses, with limited restaurant know-how, buy the Shanti?” Elsie says, “We bought the Shanti to begin preparing for retirement. Many people thought we were crazy but we love it.” Walsh further clarifies, being a nurse requires such intensity over life and death matters and running a restaurant balances this because as she says, “when you are in the restaurant you see healthy people and the fun side of life. I loves the happiness of running a restaurant even though it to is very hard work. Kevin and I are not the type to do nothing in our retirement or to only enjoy a life of leisure, we like being busy and of service.”

The pride Elsie has for Gunder and its rich history is very evident. She seems to know everyone in the area and has genuine concern for the town’s elder residents. She keeps the official Gunder history book handy for visitors and has decorated parts of the restaurants with preserved photos of Gunder’s historic residents.

Honoring Gunder’s history goes hand in hand with the Walsh’s philosophy of not changing the key elements which made the Shanti famous. Conversely, Kevin and Elsie at first, concentrated on tweaking the more subtle aspects of the business. They changed the name slightly to the “Irish” Shanti in honor of Kevin’s heritage. They spruced up the dining room areas. They added some really great imports and microbrews to their beer list and of course put Guinness on tap. The Walsh’s have also added two TV’s equipped with a satellite dish to broadcast sporting events and made the facility equipped for wireless internet connection.

Now, in the last few months, The Irish Shanti has embarked on a bigger voyage beyond the scene of the grandest burger and into the world of music. The Shanti owners Kevin and Elsie Walsh have set sail on a path to becoming Northeast Iowa’s newest entertainment venue. Since the two nurses have began to master the ins and outs of running one of the areas most popular dining establishments Kevin began to pursue the music portion of his dream.

Kevin a native of New England and Elsie met in Alaska while working as nurses in a Critical Care Unit at an Anchorage Hospital when the two embarked on a friendship and eventually a marriage that would span decades. Eventually the couple landed in rural Elgin, Iowa specifically on Elsie’s family farm where the couple would raise their children, work as nurses and incredibly as goat farmers.

Many times during Kevin’s life in Iowa, he pondered owning a restaurant and he was sure of one thing, if he and Elsie ever owned a restaurant his vision for the kind of place to operate was clear; “It has always been in my mind that if I had a restaurant it would be a place with good food and good music, steeped in hospitality.” Now after more than a year of running Gunder’s Irish Shanti, the fact is evident; no one is better suited for running a pub styled restaurant, steeped in hospitality than Kevin Walsh.

On a Friday night after the Gunderburger rush, Walsh donning a charming fishing hat (marking him for a true Irishman) explains in his still thick New Englander brogue, the addition of weekend entertainment to the Shanti; “I want to explore the real talent in the area, showcasing artist with general audience appeal.” Walsh believes the karaoke thing is overdone and sometimes the cause of rowdiness and over indulgence. “My idea for this venue is to provide a spot for musicians to explore their craft and have a place to jam with an audience.”

At present the venue is best described as under development. For example the lighting is not what one would call sophisticated. On this night as soon as the dining crowd had diminished and as the featured, very talented, entertainer, Michele Lynn of Monona continued to pick away on her guitar Kevin casually tooled around the place manually turning down or off lights at the pull chain, creating a more pub like atmosphere more conducive for music appreciators. As you might expect from this Irishman big plans for lighting and sound are under way and hopefully Walsh’s motto of, “never letting the truth get in the way of good story,” won’t derail his sound and light system plans.

For those familiar with the Shanti listening to music at the Irish Shanti is what you might expect cozy. It is as intimate experience slightly like sitting around your living room in comfortable surroundings. Don’t expect a big city jazz club setting, the musicians plays off to one side of the main dining area where during the dinner rush, no doubt one would find a table set for dining.

The acoustics in the bar are such that conversation can continue with ease. Every seat finds you within a few feet of the entertainer yet the music is not overbearing and loud instead pleasant and relaxed. Kevin and Elsie both mingle through the crowd making sure everyone is happy and satisfied. Elsie comments, “We are really enjoying the addition to music to the Shanti we were hoping to reach even more people.”

Music is scheduled for most weekends and the Walshes are proud to announce the addition of an open mike opportunity starting June 11th from 1pm-5pm. “We are going to have a zen like approach and go with the flow as we start this,” says Kevin.

Hungry music lovers looking for a country bar with service steeped in hospitality, serving the grandest of burgers and showcasing original artist should look no further than Gunder. What a combination great food and great music in a friendly homey atmosphere. Keep an eye on for music venue details.