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The Scoop’s new owner

Friday, August 12th, 2011
The Scoop on Main in Monona

Jodi Welsh & Katie Willis

Monona’s newest restaurant is new again – or at least under new ownership. The Scoop On Main opened last November, the second of two restaurants owned in Monona by Jodi and Wayne Welch.

After successfully getting her first restaurant, Jodi’s Americana Grille, off the ground, Jodi started thinking of her next venture. “I think people were surprised how we took an older building (Ewings Plumbing and Heating) and changed it into a restaurant,” says Jodi. “We’ve always loved building and renovating. We built our own house too.” When people started suggesting ice cream and other novelty food for Jodi to bring to the Grille, she began to think about opening a second restaurant.
A short time later, Katie Willis was watching the renovation going on at the old Sinclair station directly across the street from her home.

“I kept thinking, ‘ I wonder what that’s going to be?’ said Katie. When she found out that it was to be a pizza, ice cream, and sandwich shop, Katie admits she was shocked. “They stole my idea!” thought Katie, who says she had long ago made sketches and drawings of her own pizza place at that location.

Katie had been thinking of bringing her many years of restaurant experience to a business of her own. After graduating from MFL MarMac in 1995, Katie moved to Memphis, Tenn. She began working at Papa John’s Pizza before going to work for Girabaldi’s, an Italian restaurant. Over the next 7 years, Katie learned to make pizza dough, bread, sauces, and dressings. “I learned how to cut meat and cheese, hand toss pizzas, everything,” noted Katie. “That place probably taught me the most about making pizzas.” (more…)